Starlane GPS Dataloggers

Starlane's GPS laptimers and dataloggers are setting the benchmark for motorsport.  GPS technology built into the units, accurately provide real-time lap times, split times, revs speed and gear, without needing magnetic or infra red pickups.  Lights can easily be programmed for under or over temp, min or max revs and best lap times. 


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The world's best kart, car, moto and sprintcar teams in the world use information to help them win races and improve lap times.

Sophisticated software (DigiRace) is included allowing you and your team to analyse and compare different laps graphically and in table format.  The information is simply downloaded by using the included wireless connection.

raceline analysis


Examine speed, lines, deceleration, acceleration as well as data from any sensor connected for any point of any lap.

Want more information? The Pro version accepts digital, analogue and CAN BUS sensors.

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Compare Your Racing Lnes with Others.

Starlane have created the worlds first Web Community allowing sharing of performace data obtained on real tracks with others. 


Starlane wins award

Athon GPS-PRO won the coveted Innovative Product prize in France 2009, ranking first for the longed-for JPMS French award.

GPS Only

The demand for Starlane's successful range of GPS dataloggers has resulted in the company stopping production of its infra red and magentic lap timers in June 2009.  The Stealth GPS laptimer has been introduced as a cost effective GPS laptimer.

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